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We’ll hello there sailors, it’s been a while! It’s Captain Nicola back behind the blog stern after a short hiatus, where I’ve been working hard to find loads of new goodies for the site and helping Ollie stay out of trouble!

Our lovely interns, have been ever so kindly looking after the blog for the past 3 months, but they are now moving on to pastures new. We wish Mellissa, Paula and Sophie all the luck of the seas.  We will miss them at Hey Sailor HQ and we are sure they will all go on to do some fantastic stuff.  Go follow their personal blogs and keep up to date with their hectic lives and amazing wardrobes.







So what does the future hold for the Hey Sailor blog? We hope to keep all you guys up to date with the HS goings on and we even have some super exciting features already in the pipeline. So watch this space! If you have any ideas about things you would like to see on here, just leave us a wee comment or drop us a line at ahoy@heysailor.co.uk we would LOVE to hear your suggestions.

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Skull Make-Up Tutorial

Evening all – the big day is finally here! No, not Christmas (yet!) but Hallowe’en! As a slight goth at heart and lover of horror, gore and macabre, it’s my favourite day of the year and I just love getting into the full spirit of it – pumpkin carving, face painting, fake blood and anything bat, cat or spider related is good with me! After seeing our very own Pin-Up Paula’s amazing Hallowe’en nail tutorial last week, I thought I’d continue the theme and show you lot how I’ll be doing my face this spooky season – for the weekend most definitely but perhaps for the old day job too, we’ll see…

It’s really easy – all you need in a mirror, black and white face paints, 2 thin brushes (make-up brushes or paint brushes) and 2 cosmetics sponges – all of which are available from Poundland so as not to burn too big of a hole in your bank card!

1 – Starting with a make-up free face, cover your face in white face paint using a sponge. I did one thin layer, let it dry, then applied another so it didn’t clog up too much.


2 – Starting from the insides of your eyelids (the corner closest to the tear duct) apply black brush strokes outwards. Before it dries, blend outwards so that it fades out into the white using the other sponge.


3 – With the leftover face paint on the sponge, add shading around your forehead and temples.


4 – Using a brush, paint 2 triangles on the end of your nose, then blend them together.



5 – Paint the outline of a wide, thin mouth, making sure your lips are inside it.


6 – Starting from the centre to keep it symmetrical, paint vertical lines to create teeth.



7 – Continue the smile right up and around the rough shape of your cheek bones and blend it out with your sponge.


8 – SCARE PEOPLE! Now that your look is complete, you are free to hide behind or jump out from whatever it takes to scare as many people as possible! In my instance, hiding behind the shower curtain to scare my recently awoken sister – mwahaha!!


This is a super easy look and can be adapted to loads of Hallowe’en ideas – everything from zombies to sugar skulls!

Hope you guys have fun giving it a go, and remember, if you Instagram you look, remember and tag @heysailorsnaps

SS x

Halloween Costume Inspiration


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Ahoy! Its Sunday, which of course means its Style Post Day! Now we are only a few days from Halloween weekend! So I’m here to give you guys some last minute Halloween ideas, just incase you are struggling!

Now I’m a big fan of home-made costumes! They are always more fun and much better looking than store-bought costumes, and a hell of a lot cheaper. So I have searched the high street to find some amazing items you can use to create great, unique costumes. Whats even better, after Halloween you can use the items again! It’s a win win!

So here are my 5 favourites! All coming in at way under £50!


Baseball costume Dalmation Costume French Maid Costume Pochohontas Costume Skull CostumeKeep up to date with all the Hey Sailor goings on remember you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Come say hi! We love having a natter.

Pin Up Paula Out 🙂


Mermaid hair!

If there’s one trend that’s been around for ages with no signs of disappearing anytime soon its pastel hair. With Halloween just around the corner could there be a better time to experiment with a daring new hair colour?, and the new release of Bleach London hair dyes onto the high street mean that it is certainly the next big thing to have a mane that would rival a my little ponies!


Whether its pink, green, blue or lilac, pastel is definitely the new black! For a full on mermaid look go for an all over colour – or even better a mixture of pastel colours, how amazing is the silver/lilac/turquoise/pink combination pictured above? For a more subtle look go for a few streaks of colour or dip dye.


The only thing that has put me off trying out this trend is that I thought that only blonde haired girls could get away with it. However, after a little bit of research I found these pictures – proof that pastel hair looks good on brown and black hair also, so fellow dark-haired girls don’t need to be left out of the mermaid hair gang. Now the only problem I have is deciding which colours to go for!


Super cool Dalston based salon Bleach London have recently started stocking their own hair dye in Boots in an array of amazing colours. (Note their Nirvana inspired name and logo, can they get any better?!) For a temporary look go for hair chalks – chalks that you simply apply to strands of your hair, providing some fun colour that washes out in the shower! You can find hair chalks popping up all over the high street from Claire’s, H&M and Topshop.

MM ⚓

Hallowe’en Bunting Tutorial

It’s October, it’s nearing the end of the month, all the shops are full of costumes, masks, wigs, facepaints, the works. Do you see where I’m going here? Yes, it’s nearly Hallowe’en time – my absolute favourite time of year! (Shhh, don’t tell Christmas!)

If you’re planning a party this year or even just having a few friends over to watch scary movies, and want some super cool and original hand-made decorations, look no further!

1) Print off a load of creepy old black and white photos of graveyards, haunted houses, witches etc. The picture I’ve used is a super kitsch retro witch which I just found by Googling ‘Vintage Hallowe’en’. One per A4 page if you want large bunting or 2 per A4 page if you prefer small.


2) Mark the centre point of each photo and using a ruler, draw straight lines up to the top corners to make triangles.


3) Punch a hole in each of the top corners of the triangles. I only have a star-shaped hole punch for some weird reason but a normal circular hole punch is totally fine too.


4) Thread threw some ribbon or string, connecting all the flags together. Tape each flag in place at the back to keep them even widths apart.


5) String up across a window, wall or fireplace and voila! Your very own, hand-made and 100% original Hallowe’en bunting!

5 6

Hope you guys enjoyed this super easy Hallowe’en tutorial – you can even make it your own by adding balloons or fairy lights! If you give it a go for your spooky festivities, be sure to send us a picture on Facebook (/heysailoruk), Twitter (@heysailortweets) or Instagram (@heysailorsnaps)


SS x


A/W fashion essential – the bowler hat!

Hey guys and girls – can you believe it’s Sunday already? This weekend has just flown in! Don’t worry though, we all know the best thing about Sunday’s (aside from X-Factor results and The Sunday Times Style Magazine) is our Style Sunday post – duh!

It’s safe to say, it’s officially Autumn, there’s no sign of Summer left what-so-ever and the streets are covered in orange and brown leaves. While I personally love Autumn fashion – boots, scarves, chunky knits – yes please, I hate what the wind and rain does to my curly hair – there’s just no containing it! Today, I thought I’d share one of my favourite Autumn/Winter fashion fixes for wild hair days – The bowler hat!


Anyone who knows me will know I love an androgynous fashion item and the bowler hat is the ultimate in that – after all, what beanies are to the 2013 man, a bowler hat is to the classic Hollywood gentleman.

Now, I know hats are scary things, I know everyone thinks they look cool on anyone but them, I know finding the perfect one for you can be a challenge, but trust me, a faithful bowler hat can add such a cool vibe to any outfit – casual, smart or party!


Every girl has a cosy fur coat in their Winter wardrobe, right? So why not update the classic look with an edgy twist?


Got an important meeting or a job interview? Work the tartan trend with a cool bowler hat and some statement bling in the form of our ‘She Wore Blue Velvet‘ Necklace for a young & modern take on boring old ‘work wear’.


My fail-proof night out ensemble is always a black dress and some statement lipstick, but why not update your go-to party outfit with our ‘Salon Bag‘? It’s my personal favourite of all our new pieces!

Are you rocking the bowler hat trend this season? Don’t forget to send us a pic @heysailorsnaps on Instagram or Tweet us @heysailortweets!

Until next time! SS x



Halloween Nails


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Ahoy!This weeks Thursday Beauty post is brought to you by Pin Up Paula.

This week (This entire month actually) I am super super excited for Halloween. It is hands down my favourite day of the year! Costumes and free sweets, whats not to love? So Tonight I will show you how to create some awesome and seriously spooky Halloween nails!

What you will need!

  • White Nail Polish
  • Red Nail Polish
  • A Straw/Toothpic/Pin

Then you are good to go!


Step 1: Paint your nails with the white polish.

ImageStep 2: Dip the edge of the straw in the red nail polish, and then simply slash across your white base!

2013-10-14 10.36.58

Thats it, so so easy and very striking! Perfect no matter what your costume.

2013-10-14 10.45.00

Here are some more Halloween inspired nails that I will be testing in the run up to the big day! I love Halloween 😀


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Till next time!


Home Inspiration ⚓

Ahoy Sailors! It’s Melissa again with this weeks lifestyle post. There’s nothing I love more than spending hours upon hours trawling through websites like Pinterest, The Selby and Sweet Home Style for inspiration and some serious home envy. I thought I would share some of my favorite inspiring images I have found and easy ways to turn your humble abode into a home that looks straight out of the interior pages of Elle.


There is something so effortlessly cool about stacked up vintage suitcases used as a table, and in pastel colours like the ones above they look even cooler! I am now on a quest to find a mint green one of my own.


I love this idea of putting photographs together in the shape of a heart and it would be so simple and easy to do using a website like Printstagram for prints of your favourite instagram pics.794755838028b379e3cda7cbfad1a878These sugar skull plant pots are amazing and could be easily recreated with some paint and an old plant pot that needs revamped!

e90b367e7a59b13dda0c49cbb9522a20This picture makes me seriously want to redecorate my bedroom, it looks so cosy and chic!

Are you inspired by any of these images? Which is your favourite? Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for some more sweet home inspiration, and stay tuned with all the latest gossip over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

MM ⚓

Winter wardrobe : footwear!


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The winter season is fast approaching and as the air is getting colder it’s time to swap our summer shoes and invest in a good pair of winter boots! And let’s face it, the prospect of a new pair of shoes definitely makes winter seem a lot more appealing. Here are my top picks of the winter footwear hitting the high street this year:


Cut out boots – Cut out boots are ideal for days and nights when you want to dress up as they are more glam than a standard pair of boots, meaning they are perfect nights out when you don’t want to wear a pair of heels – stumbling home at 3am is hard enough, never mind when it is snowing outside. Cut out boots like these ones from Misguided are wearable for a night out but still comfy and easy to walk in.

Dr Martens – Dr Martens are the kings of winter footwear, their ‘refined’ collection are not only super stylish but probably the most practical pair of boots you could own.

Chelsea Boots – Chelsea boots are a winter classic that never seem to go out of fashion and this season chunky soled boots are everywhere like these boots from Vagabond that are popping up all over the blogosphere recently, which is no surprise – they are beautiful.

Brogues – Brogues are amazing all year round, whether it’s boiling out side of snowing. Team them with thick tights and some frilly socks for a cosy and cute winter look.

T bar shoes – I’m in love with these patent T bar shoes from Topshop and they would look amazing during the colder months paired with a dress and some woolly knee high socks.

What do you think of my choices? What will you be wearing on your feet this winter?

MM ⚓

Beauty Trend : MATTE NAILS

Hi all – Sailor Sophie here with this weeks dose of beauty goings-on! It seems like every new seasons brings a new fashion trend, and with beauty and fashion being more interlinked than ever before, beauty trends of the season are hot business too. Nails trends in particular, remember all the up-roar when crackle top-costs came out? Everyone went crazy, and suddenly, it seemed like every month, there was something new. Magnetic effects, sequin effects, croc effects, even fur effects – it never fails to amaze me the things they come up with!
This season however, it’s something a little more sophisticated and lady-like which I’m loving – I just can’t get enough of matte nail polishes and matte-effect top coats!


Back in the good old days, the glossy super-shiny look was the ‘in’ thing, but now with brands such as OPI, Barry M and Models Own launching matte collections and Rimmel London, Essie and Revlon introducing matte top coats, it’s the flatter the colour the better!

I’m a closet goth and lover of all things black, so I’ve loving updating my old-faithful Essie ‘Licorice’ with a matte finish although my adorable American Aparrel pastel shades that I picked up at ScotCampus Freshers Fest with Hey Sailor look super chic mattified too!



My absolute favourite way to jazz up even the most simple of base colours though, is to create nail art using matte/glossy contracts – paint your favourite glossy colour, paint spots in a matte top coat – guaranteed the easiest nail art you’ll ever come across!


Don’t forget, you can keep up with all Hey Sailors goings-on on Facebook (/heysailoruk), Twitter (@heysailortweets) and Instagram (@heysailorsnaps), come and make friends, we’re a lovely bunch, promise!

SS x