Evening all – the big day is finally here! No, not Christmas (yet!) but Hallowe’en! As a slight goth at heart and lover of horror, gore and macabre, it’s my favourite day of the year and I just love getting into the full spirit of it – pumpkin carving, face painting, fake blood and anything bat, cat or spider related is good with me! After seeing our very own Pin-Up Paula’s amazing Hallowe’en nail tutorial last week, I thought I’d continue the theme and show you lot how I’ll be doing my face this spooky season – for the weekend most definitely but perhaps for the old day job too, we’ll see…

It’s really easy – all you need in a mirror, black and white face paints, 2 thin brushes (make-up brushes or paint brushes) and 2 cosmetics sponges – all of which are available from Poundland so as not to burn too big of a hole in your bank card!

1 – Starting with a make-up free face, cover your face in white face paint using a sponge. I did one thin layer, let it dry, then applied another so it didn’t clog up too much.


2 – Starting from the insides of your eyelids (the corner closest to the tear duct) apply black brush strokes outwards. Before it dries, blend outwards so that it fades out into the white using the other sponge.


3 – With the leftover face paint on the sponge, add shading around your forehead and temples.


4 – Using a brush, paint 2 triangles on the end of your nose, then blend them together.



5 – Paint the outline of a wide, thin mouth, making sure your lips are inside it.


6 – Starting from the centre to keep it symmetrical, paint vertical lines to create teeth.



7 – Continue the smile right up and around the rough shape of your cheek bones and blend it out with your sponge.


8 – SCARE PEOPLE! Now that your look is complete, you are free to hide behind or jump out from whatever it takes to scare as many people as possible! In my instance, hiding behind the shower curtain to scare my recently awoken sister – mwahaha!!


This is a super easy look and can be adapted to loads of Hallowe’en ideas – everything from zombies to sugar skulls!

Hope you guys have fun giving it a go, and remember, if you Instagram you look, remember and tag @heysailorsnaps

SS x