DIY Smock Dress Tutorial


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Ahoy Sailorettes! Pin Up Paula once again, bringing you this week’s Tuesday Lifestyle post!

This week’s post is another DIY post, you know how much I love a wee DIY.

I was inspired to do this DIY after seeing the loveliest smock dress in the shops the other day; however, it was £42. Now it may be pay week, but I am still a bargain hunter and I thought “I could make that easily” so I went and got a fivers worth of fabric and away I went.

I chose this beautiful red and blue paisley pattern fabric, and got a meter worth. A meter is enough for me since I am really tiny so I would definitely advise others to get 1 ½ to 2 meters.

The reason this DIY is a little different is that you can do it no matter how basic your sewing skills!

 What you will need:


A dress (in the shape you want to make)

A pen/chalk


Sewing Machine

Start by flattening out your fabric and then place the dress on top of it. Then draw around the dress, leaving about 1cm gap between the outline. Do this 1 more time and then simply cut the shape of the dress.

Since the old dress will already fit then there is no need for measuring.

ImageOnce you have done that, simply put the fabric together, inside out so that you are sewing on the inside and not the front of the dress, and then just sew the dress together at the sleeves and the sides.

ImageOnce you are happy with that, simply hem your sleeves, neckline and skirt to finish it off and look professional!

There you have it! A beautiful smock dress for a fraction of the cost and 30 minutes of sewing fun!

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Till next time!



Autumn/Winter Trends: Whats in my Wardrobe


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Ahoy Sailorettes! Its Pin Up Paula here with this weeks Sunday Style Post!

This week I’m going to take you de in to my own personal wardrobe, and believe me, it’s a deep wardrobe!

I am very excited for the Autumn/Winter Trends! My 3 Favourites being:

Tartan, which rolls back around most Autumn/Winters.

Monochrome, which is always classic and chic.

Pink, a new, quite unique A/W trend.

So rather than run out to the high street and spend a fortune building a new clothing collection for the trends, I had a wee look to see what I already had, and I’m very happy with what I uncovered.



(Left to Right)

Trousers: H&M, Faux Fur Stole: New Look, Hat: Primark, 1 Shoulder Tops: Primark, “Love” Necklace: Primark,

Jacket: H&M, Big gold Chain: New Look, Pleather Skirt: Primark, Frill Skirt: Miss Selfridge, Silver Chain: Primark

Rocking the Monochrome is all about staying simple. simple colours (obviously black and white) and keeping accessories minimal. You can stop monochrome from being boring by mixing materials. Instead of a black denim and a white shirt, go for leather trousers, instead of going for a plain jacket go for a fur gillet instead, instantly turning the look from boring to chic in seconds. If however, if you would like to add a little colour, go for colourful (neon being my personal fave) nails or a bright lip!



(Left to Right)

Dark Tartan Dress: Vintage (Primark have a similar one), Red Tartan Pinafore: Miss Selfridge,

Coat: River Island, Both Scarfs: Vintage

The tartan trend seems to re surface every autumn/winter, this year it has a little more of a punk edge. I’m not very Punky though to be honest, so this is my advice if, like me you love the trend but can’t pull off the punk look. The key thing with tartan is to keep your main tartan piece the focus, so anything else (Shirts, tights, jackets) simple colours, don’t clash patterns, it’s far too difficult with tartan and I’ve never seen it pulled off, it’s a fashion myth. You can be brave with accessories, the more expensive looking the better, think Scottish royalty.



(Left to Right)

Bag: Primark, Necklace: Primark, Dress: Vintage, Jacket: H&M,

Hat: H&M, Bag: H&M, Top: Topshop, Pearls: Vintage, Skirt: H&M

This trend is very different from any other Autumn/Winter trend I’ve experienced. Pink is much more associated with spring because spring is the time of pastels. However I plan to embrace this change and I have looked out all my favourite pink pieces. The thing about this trend is that it’s not really as “Princess-y” as you would imagine. The pink trend is much more grown up, think, Elle Woods circa Legally Blonde 2. Tailored pink coats, pink knitwear and feminine skirts and dresses, mix the pinks with nudes to keep it classy or wear with all black if you not as brave with girly colours.

So before you go out and blow a fortune trying to keep up with the new trends have a wee look in your wardrobe to see what you already have! If your anything like me I bet you will find loads of wee gems you completely forgot about.

So what is your favourite Autumn/Winter trend?

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Till next time!


Beauty Inspiration: Anna Karina


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Ahoy Sailors! It’s time for Thursday’s beauty post and this week it is all about make up. I think I have mentioned before that the 60’s was my favourite era for style and beauty, if I had a time machine I would happily go back to the sixites in an instant and spend my days riding a Vespa dressed in my finest Mary Quant! Today I will be talking about one of my inspirations from that decade when it comes to all things beauty related – the lovely Anna Karina.annakarina

Anna Karina is an actress best known for her performance in ‘Une femme est une femme’, and was muse and wife of French new wave director Goddard. It is no surprise that he was inspired by Anna as she is incredibly beautiful, with amazing style. One of the things I love most is her make up and it is a look that I try to recreate on an every day basis.

If you are not already familiar with Anna Karina here is a little interview with the woman herself, I promise you after watching it you will want to be her/ run away to Paris. Now onto the make up…


Anna’s make up was feminine but low maintenance and natural, with dewy skin, contoured cheekbones and winged eyeliner and her trademark messy block fringe.  It isn’t hard to see where a certain Alexa Chung gets her beauty inspiration from!


To recreate Anna Karina’s look start off by using a light weight dewy base such as Nars Sheer glow, this will give your skin a flawless finish without looking like you are wearing a lot of make up, for a more purse friendly option Maybelline ‘nearly naked foundation’ is also amazing! Unfortunately we are not all blessed with chiseled cheekbones like Anna’s (sob) but using a matte bronzer will create an illusion of cheekbones while giving your skin a healthy bronzed glow. Use a felt tip liner like Soap and Glory’s ‘Supercat Liner’ to create a winged eyeliner and add some individual lashes to the end of your eye lases to add to the cat like look without looking too unnatural. Finish with a natural pink blush and some subtle lip gloss!

What do you think of this look? Are you as much of an Anna Karina fangirl as I am?

Melissa ⚓

Sailor Sophie – From dream to reality!

Hi all – Sailor Sophie here again for this weeks lifestyle post! If you follow Hey Sailor on Instagram (@heysailorsnaps) you may have seen yours truly rocking my trusty sailor hat aboard a real live boat! That’s right folks, Sailor Sophie went from a dream to a reality as I hit the sea’s!

My family have a lovely little cottage on an island off the west coat of Scotland, and my dad’s friend who have caravans there also share a boat. Having had it for a little over 4 years, this weekend was the first time I ever actually boarded the vessel in question. Not only did I sail for the first time, I fished for the first time in years! So much fun 🙂
















I’m a firm believer of trying new things as often as possible and I can now safely tick ‘catch a wrasse’ off my bucket list! Although as it turns out, he’s wasn’t even edible – oops!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Share with the group, we’re all chums here! 😀

SS x


Shock Value in Fashion – Discuss!

Hello hello hello – Sophie Sailor here! With so many exciting goings-on at Hey Sailor HQ, a fabulous few days at ScotCampus Freshers Fest, a shed load of fabulous A/W 2013 goodies and our very first newsletter coming your way very soon, (sign up here) this is the first block of Fashion Week’s whereby I haven’t been glued to my laptop screen, with several Vogue internet windows open at one time and numerous YouTube videos buffering. However, when I heard that Rick Owens had made a bold decision to use ‘non-models’ (as a number of high profile fashion publications worded it) on their catwalk at Paris Fashion Week, more specifically, US sorority sisters from viral dance groups, I switched on and tuned in.

The use of non-conventional models and performance art in fashion has been something a number of fashion houses and designers have opted for over the years – you only have to look up the likes of Crystal Renn, Andrej Pejic or Rick Genest to see some examples. Just this year, YSL shocked the world by casting Marilyn Manson in one of their print campaigns. Love him or hate him, it’s a controversial statement for a rich-in-heritatage,  elegant Parisian design house to choose someone that sparks much public devision of opinion. Some may argue these decisions are more for shock value than a manifestation of the designers beliefs or preferences, although I am yet to discover any indication that Rick Owens is a brand whereby the appreciation and practice of street dance or urban music is of high importance.



The Financial Times described the decision as ‘a celebration of diversity’ while Vogue dubbed the women ‘non-models.  Firstly, I highly, highly doubt that such a well known brand would even consider hiring people to walk/dance/stomp their catwalk without paying them, so surely this in itself makes these women models? Okay, so maybe they aren’t signed with IMG or Ford, but being paid to promote or display a product? Model, as far as I’m concerned. Something else. Yes, admittedly it’s a breath of fresh air to not see Cara Delevingne on a catwalk for once but these women weren’t exactly the reflection of diverse physical characteristics. None of them were above a size 16 (the average female dress size in the UK), none of them were anything short than able bodied, none of them were noticedly tattooed or pierced. So yes, physical diversity is the bee’s knee’s, being unique rocks, having quirks and imperfects is the very dab and of course being as physically fit and strong as street dancers is the envy of many, but when its only on the terms of the brand, to what extent is it truly promoting self-acceptance or is it purely for publicity purposes? Let the discussion commence!

Until we meet again… SS x

Hair Extensions 101


Ahoy! Its Pin Up Paula here this time bringing you this Thursdays Beauty post! This week, I’m going to be giving you a master class in … hair extensions!

Now a days there is a good chance 80% of the girls out there own a pair of hair extensions. Some wear them every day to add volume or length to their natural hair, others just keep them to make them feel more glam on special occasions. Whatever the reason, hair extensions have become an important part of our everyday beauty routine!

What kind of hair should I get?

There are 4 different kinds of hair extensions, human hair extensions are always best as you can treat them just like your own hair.

European Hair: Best suited for Caucasian skin types as its soft and easy to manage and work with.

Afro Hair: Best suited for Afro skin types.

Asian Hair: Best suited for Asian skin types.

Remy Hair: Remy Hair is the finest quality of human hair because it is the most natural in appearance. (Most commonly used in hair pieces/extensions/wigs)

What types of hair extensions are best?

Clip ins: These are the most common type of hair extensions, they are the least expensive, they do not damage hair and you can put them in and out whenever you please.

ImageGlue in Bonds: These take a lot of care and can damage hair badly if not cared for properly. However once they are in they feel just like your own head of hair.

ImageMicro Loop Bonds: Just like glue in bonds but with tiny bands instead of glue, these are kinder than glue bonds as they are easier to remove, again they take a lot of looking after.


Weaves: These are easy to maintain and cause very minimum damage to the hair; however they will need tightened every 8 – 12 weeks depending on what type of weave you get.


Braid Weave


Micro Weave

How do I know what colour to get?

Pop in to any hair extensions stores or stalls and the sales assistants will be able to colour match your extensions to your hair. If you have dyed hair you can always buy the hair extensions and then dye them for a guaranteed colour match.

How long will the hair extensions last?

Depending on how you look after them hair extensions should last between 3 months to a year.

How do I look after my hair extensions?

Hair extensions will last much longer the less you wash them, as washing them often can dry them out, and they really don’t need to be washed often. I recommend about once a month at the max (Clip-ins) if they don’t need it though, don’t bother until they do. I would also DEFINITELY invest in a Tangle Teezer for brushing! Finally some Argan oil, just lightly blend the oil through the ends whenever the feel a little dry, or better yet when they are damp after they have been washed. When shampooing (all types of hair extensions) shampoo and condition DOWNWARDS, DO NOT LATHER your hair extensions, they will get tangled.

I hope this helped anyone who may be unsure about investing in some new locks.

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Till next time!



My top 4 favourite magazines.


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Ahoy! It’s time once more for Tuesday’s lifestyle post and today I thought I’d talk about my favorite magazines. I am a self confessed magazine hoarder and as much as I love the internet and reading blogs, sometimes I think it is nice to be able to sit down and with a physical copy of something to read and a cup of tea, and the magazines I am going to mention are so pretty you will want to treasure your copy forever!


First up, my all time favorite Lula magazine – I first picked up a copy of this magazine on a whim when I was about sixteen years old and have been obsessed ever since. A magazine for ‘girls who love the quirky side of fashion, photography and style’, every page of Lula has a whimsical feel to it, the editorials are amazing and it is perfect for creative types in need of some inspiration.


Frankie magazine not only features pretty pictures but the articles are interesting and intelligent – a breath of fresh air in the world of women’s magazines that, let’s face it, can be a bit boring and patronizing!


Each page in Oh Comely magazine is a work of art, with cute illustrations and quirky, and funny articles and amazing photography. If you love art and illustration this you will most probably love this magazine.


The Gentlewoman ‘a fabulous magazine for modern women of style and purpose’, is the magazine I turn to in search of fashion inspiration. The ladies features and painstakingly cool and seriously stylish – they will leave you with major wardrobe envy!

Do you enjoy reading magazine or do you prefer to stick to blogs? What is your favourite magazine?

MM ⚓

LFW Highlights


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Ahoy! I’m here again, Pin Up Paula! Once again on the Sunday Style post!

tonight’s post is all about London Fashion Week.  Since I unfortunately couldn’t go, not that I’ve been invited … yet, I’ve spent the last few days catching up on as many shows as possible, and here is a round-up of my three favourites!

(The headings will take you right to the videos of the shows, plus loads more)

Henry Holland

ImageHenry Holland is hands down one of my all time favorite British designers. This years S/S 2014 collection has been one of my favourites ever! This collection seems a little more feminine than previous collections. Pastel metallics and flattering silhouettes teamed with little hints of ghetto chic jewellery and accessories, staying true to that edgy House of Holland style we know and love.

Topshop Unique


Topshop Unique always gets everyone talking, having only started showing the last few fashion weeks it has quickly become the most talked about and desired shows to attend. Next years Spring/Summer collection is set to be just as good, if not better than previous years. The collection is made up of simple colours, black and white with little hints of yellow and emerald-green. The collection has the usual 70s vibe that most associate with summer, bt with very modern twists like high thigh slits and very low back, it looks to be one sexy summer for 2014.

 Matthew Williamson

ImageMatthew Williamson can do no wrong in my eyes, and is always one of my favourite shows to catch p with every Fashion Week. This collection stays true the ultra feminine style it always has done. Matthew Williamson can even make a fitted trouser suit work with a womans body and keep it sexy, that is true magic right there. Williamson also has this gift of making every piece move perfectly with the body.

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Till next time!


Student Beauty Must Haves


Hey y’all – Sailor Sophie here with my contribution to Back to Uni week here at Hey Sailor. I’m sure you caught Paula’s style post on Sunday and Melissa’s lifestyle post on Tuesday all about university and student living and today, I’m bringing you my favourite beauty essentials for ‘the best years of your life’! If you’re also a reader of my personal blog, you’ll know I recently graduated with my degree in Fashion Business and although you don’t often associate university with beauty, there were a few products which serves me well through my 4 years of studying which I thought I’d share!


Lip Balm – A make-up essential at the best of times, I think we’ll all agree, but an absolute must for freezing cold early morning lectures or all day library sessions. The air con/heating in my uni had an awful tendency to dry out my lips and skins so for me, I couldn’t leave home without it.

My pick – Palmer’s Coco Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter.

Foundation – Whether it’s studying or partying, I can guarentee student life brings many a late night and if you’re going to make that 9am lecture without some seriously dirty looks, a good foundation is a must to brighten up your face and cheat others to think you’ve had your full 8 hours beauty sleep!

My pick – Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Hand Cream – Studying fashion is messy work and often, I’d leave uni covered in fabric dye, bleach, paint, you name it. After making the decision to print my own fabric (probably the worst/most time consuming decision of my life to date!) I had my hands in and out of water so often that they’d get horrible and dry and as a result, this stuff has became a product I cannot live without. It’d almost like a hand balm, and really works wonders to restore moisture.

My pick – Burt’s Bees Hand Salve.

Bold Lipstick – It happens. The last class of the afternoon and someone mentions the ‘P’ word. Pub. Once the idea has been planted, it will not go away so being equipt with a bold lipstick is a great make-up bag addition to take any make-up look from simple day time, to glamourous night time.

My pick – MAC’s ‘Rebel’ Lipstick.

Hair Essentials – Nothing is more annoying that having your hair all over your face when you’re trying to concentrate on studying or on an exam, so keeping a few spare hair bobbles and kirby grips at hand with always serve you well.

Dry Shampoo – ‘Oooh no! It’s TOMORROW that essay’s due?! I thought it was next week!’ We’ve all been there and all of a sudden, everything else gets put on the back burner as it’s time to get your head down. Pulling an all-nighter to finish something off isn’t much fun, and dry shampoo is an absolute saviour for pulling yourself together enough to at least head in to submit in the morning before crashing out on the sofa.

My pick – Batiste ‘Cheeky Cherry’

With Freshers Week now well underway, we hope you’re all having an amazing time, whether you’re back to uni or starting your adventure for the first time. Remember, Hey Sailor are at this years Freshers Fest at Glasgow’s SECC, so if you’re free in or around Glasgow tomorrow (20th Sept 2013) get yourself down for loads of student fun and freebies!

SS x

Back to uni: stationary and homeware

Ahoy Sailors!

Continuing with the back to uni theme we’ve got going on over at Hey Sailor this week, this weeks lifestyle post is all about university essentials – from super cute stationary to home ware that will brighten up your room in student accommodation!


1: Rug – Urban Outfitters: Judging from experience, the carpets in student accommodation are never the nicest- most likely a horrible colour as well as dirty! Investing in a rug will cover up your carpet as well as brightening up your room, Urban Outfitters do really pretty and surprisingly affordable rugs like this little floral and polkadot number!

2: Laundry Bag – H&M: A laundry bag definitely comes in handy especially if you are going to be living in halls with an on site laundrette, this amazing kitten laundry bag is cute enough to make doing your laundry slightly more enjoyable!

3: Birdcage Memo Board – Urban Outfitters: As well as sticking up reminders about deadlines and lectures and other boring uni stuff, memo boards are great for holding your favourite pictures of family and friends etc which is ideal if you are moving away from home and want to make your room in halls more homely.

4: Storage Baskets- H&M: Storage baskets are perfect for taking to halls where they’re is not much storage space. These woven baskets from H&M look very cool as well as being handy for storing toiletries etc.

5: Bowl: Cath Kidston: Cath Kidson do the most amazing kitchenware which will make you the envy of all your new flatmates, for more purse friendly solutions Asda and Sainsburys have some lovely stuff too.

6: Fairy Lights and Wall Art – Urban Outfitters: Fairy lights are great for making your room feel more cosy and filling your room with pretty pictures of things that interest you will make your room feel more homely and add a personal touch!

Some other more boring things I found really useful are: a pizza cutter (because I pretty much lived on pizza along with 99 percent of the student population), a clothes horse, lots of blankets for winter! (less money spent on heating means more to spend on going out woo), shower curtain, bath mat, mattress and pillow protectors.

…And now on to stationary! Maybe I am just a bit weird but I think that having nice stationary definitely makes studying lot more fun. Here are a few pieces that are on my back to uni wish list, all of them are from the kings of stationary Paperchase (I almost squealed with excitement when I laid my eyes upon the panda highlighters!)


This Thursday and Friday the Hey Sailor team will be over at the SECC for this years freshers festival, if you are about come and say hi, enter our raffle and have your picture taken for our Instagram!