It’s October, it’s nearing the end of the month, all the shops are full of costumes, masks, wigs, facepaints, the works. Do you see where I’m going here? Yes, it’s nearly Hallowe’en time – my absolute favourite time of year! (Shhh, don’t tell Christmas!)

If you’re planning a party this year or even just having a few friends over to watch scary movies, and want some super cool and original hand-made decorations, look no further!

1) Print off a load of creepy old black and white photos of graveyards, haunted houses, witches etc. The picture I’ve used is a super kitsch retro witch which I just found by Googling ‘Vintage Hallowe’en’. One per A4 page if you want large bunting or 2 per A4 page if you prefer small.


2) Mark the centre point of each photo and using a ruler, draw straight lines up to the top corners to make triangles.


3) Punch a hole in each of the top corners of the triangles. I only have a star-shaped hole punch for some weird reason but a normal circular hole punch is totally fine too.


4) Thread threw some ribbon or string, connecting all the flags together. Tape each flag in place at the back to keep them even widths apart.


5) String up across a window, wall or fireplace and voila! Your very own, hand-made and 100% original Hallowe’en bunting!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this super easy Hallowe’en tutorial – you can even make it your own by adding balloons or fairy lights! If you give it a go for your spooky festivities, be sure to send us a picture on Facebook (/heysailoruk), Twitter (@heysailortweets) or Instagram (@heysailorsnaps)


SS x